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Customer Service & Support Training Courses in Illinois

by Rod Dunne on February 12, 2012

There are not a lot of specialized customer service & support training courses in Illinois, which is pretty much the case for the rest of the country. This might be because customer services/support jobs do not really require formal training or a degree in a customer service program.

For the most part, a business degree from a good college or university would provide enough training for this job since customer management is typically a core component in most business programs.

A good number of business administration programs include customer support courses in the areas of customer relations and customer management skills anyway and these usually suffice.

Popular Customer Services Training Courses in Illinois

In the Illinois area, Rasmussen College is the only institution that offers an associates degree related to customer services team management. Anybody looking for a bachelor’s, masters, doctorate or postdoctoral program would have to settle for taking a business administration course in other institutions. The University of Illinois in Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology both have good business programs that are worth considering.

Rasmussen College

Originally founded in 1900 as a small business college, Rasmussen College has grown to 13 campuses across the US. Three campuses in Illinois – Aurora, Romeoville, Rockford – continue to offer strong business programs. One of its most popular courses is an Associate degree in Business Management with a specialization in Call Center Management.

This course is designed to provide students with industry-specific knowledge and experience focusing on customer service skills, creative problem solving and communication strategies. Core courses include Call Center Strategic Leadership, Call Center Labor Force Management and Call Center Operations Management.

University of Illinois

The Chicago campus of the University of Illinois is the largest in Chicago and the second largest in Illinois. Of its 15 different colleges, the business program is the most popular with 20% of the student body choosing to major in business, sales and marketing programs. Two business administration majors – Management and Business Process Management would provide good background in customer services. A major in marketing would also be good for anybody looking for customer support sales training. In addition, this university also has strong MBA, MS and Doctorate business programs for anybody planning on taking executive and leadership roles.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago is popular for offering certificates and graduate programs for non-business majors with a strong emphasis on technology. This makes them very popular for prospective career shifters whose lack of experience would be somewhat compensated for by strong applied technology skills. Their programs include a PhD in Management Science, Bachelors in Business Administration and Applied Science and certificate programs in Finance.

Entry Requirements, Course Costs and Program Duration

Customer service certification programs and call center certificate programs can take anywhere from two months to a full year. An associates degree typically lasts for two years, a bachelor’s four years and graduate programs can be completed in two to three years if taken on a full time basis.

Entry requirements for a certificate, associate and bachelor’s are similar to other degree programs – a high school diploma or its equivalent. For graduate studies, a bachelor’s degree, minimum GMAT scores, a personal statement and letters of recommendation are the usual entry requirements. In addition, many MBA programs also require proof of work experience and professional references.

Program costs vary from institution to institution. Community colleges typically have the lowest costs at about $2,000 a year and the bigger private universities the most expensive with costs reaching as much as $30,000 a year for a business program.

Options for Online Training Course Providers

Since customer service training courses in Illinois are somewhat limited, prospective students may also check out online customer services training options.

  • Rio Salado College offers a distance/online associate degree program, an Applied Science Degree in Quality Customer Service.
  • Jones International University offers even more options with three undergraduate programs and two graduate programs. The undergraduate programs include a BBA and a BABC in Leading the Customer-Driven Organization and a BBA in Customer Care Management. Graduate programs include an MABC in Leading a Customer-Driven Organization and an MBA in Leading a Customer-Driven Organization.
  • For more general business administration programs, the top online providers include Kaplan University, Phoenix University, Liberty University and Ashford University.

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