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Customer Service and Support Training Courses in Montana

by Rod Dunne on January 2, 2012

Individuals and business owners who are looking for customer service & support training courses in Montana will be pleasantly surprised to discover that this state offers several customer services training courses.

Individuals can opt to study customer support-service as part of their degree program at one of Montana’s universities. In addition, business owners or teachers can enroll their employees or students in a seminar that is designed to enhance their customer service skills.

Popular Training Course Providers in Montana

High school graduates who are interested in learning about customer support & service can enroll in one of the business schools in Montana.

  • Montana State University has a school of business that offers degrees in a number of business related disciplines. Several of these areas offer courses that teach their students customer support/service training ideas in addition to other topics.
  • The University of Montana in Missoula also offers degrees in business management.

These degrees can be earned with an emphasis in sales and marketing or entrepreneurship. People who earn these degrees have the skills that they need to start their own business or to work as a sales representative.

Thanks to the emphasis on customer service skills, people with one of these degrees also know everything that they need to know to manage a retail establishment. Both of these universities also offer graduate programs in business related fields. Some of their classes even offer online customer support & service training.

Employers who are interested in enrolling their employees in one of the state’s customer service programs may be interested in the SuperHost program. The SuperHost program was created by the Montana Department of Commerce with the Montana Office of Tourism and Flathead Valley Community College. It provides customer services certification programs to interested state residents.

The goal of this program is to improve the level of customer service that is available in this state. Ideally, the state’s tourism will increase as a result of this program. When visitors to Montana experience great customer service, they are more likely to visit the state again or recommend it to their friends.

Basic Entry Requirements

If an individual wants to enroll in one of Montana’s public universities, they need to meet certain requirements.

  • They need to have a high school diploma with a GPA of at least 2.5. However, these schools may be willing to accept some students with a GED, and they may also accept non-traditional students with poor high school grades who can exhibit that they have relevant real life experiences. Applicants should also have recent ACT or SAT scores.
  • Students who are interested in earning a graduate degree from one of these institutions should already have a bachelor’s degree.

The SuperHost customer support training courses in Montana are offered through the state. Anyone can take these courses. However, they are usually only offered to groups. To be admitted into one of these seminars, an individual needs to be invited by the person who is organizing the seminar.

Expected Costs & Duration of Programs

Customer support-service training courses in Montana carry a wide range of price tags.

Students who are interested in earning degrees should expect to pay the most money, and they should also expect their courses to take the longest.

  • A Montana resident can expect to spend about $12,500 in tuition and fees for a business degree. A non-resident can expect to spend close to $27,000 for the same degree.
  • A bachelor’s degree can take anywhere from three to five years while a graduate degree normally takes two years to complete.

The Superhost seminars cost about $350, and they last for an afternoon. This fee must be paid by the organizer of the seminar. However, the organizer is allowed to charge each participant a fee that is up to $25. This fee typically covers the costs of refreshments or other amenities that are offered during the seminar.

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